French Bread Pizza – Ooh la la…

9 Jul
Well, it’s not like this was difficult at all, but it certainly was tasty. I don’t even really have a recipe for it, I just winged it but I’ll post anyway.

French Bread Pizza
Source: myself – and I’m sure 1000s of others – it’s pretty basic but yummy!
French Baguette, sized to desire (store bought, homemade, whatever – I used a Pillsbury Frech Loaf canister and it was surprisingly good.)
1 clove garlic, cut in half
Pizza Sauce – to taste (I don’t like a lot of sauce on pizza)
Toppings as desired. I used: Pepperoni and leftover Canneloni filling from the weekend
Mixed Italian Cheese blend (I used MOzzarella, Provelone, Asiago and Fontina)
A little Italian Seasoning to sprinkle on top
– Bake bread according to directions
– Allow baked bread to cool a little so you don’t burn your hand like I almost did!
– Split baguette in half – width wise/long wise
– rub some garlic on each baguette half
– top with desired amount of cheese
– top with desired toppings
– sprinkle with a tiny bit more cheese
– sprinkle on some italian seasoning
– bake in 350 oven for a few minutes (5-8) until toppings are melted
– eat and enjoy!

One Response to “French Bread Pizza – Ooh la la…”

  1. Melissa 07/14/2008 at 1:23 pm #

    Mmmm I love French bread pizza! And, you’ve been tagged, see my blog for details!

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